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Crest Manor Ltd understands that the age assessment process of unaccompanied children seeking asylum is challenging. However, some children arrive in the UK whose age may be unclear or disputed and the fact remains that social workers must complete age assessments to ensure any service a child requires is provided, appropriate to their age and assessed needs. Crest Manor appreciates that there is currently an unmet need for independent Appropriate Adults for Local Authority Age Assessments.

We are there to ensure support for young persons and advocate for them; representing their best interests and ensuring that the young person’s welfare needs are met during the interview process. Our team of Appropriate Adults are independent of the local authority, have the relevant skills and training to undertake their role, and are experienced in working with children and young people. Wherever it is relevant and possible, we try to be flexible regarding gender issues when planning to book the appropriate adult.

We provide all our services against the backdrop of all applicable equal opportunity legislation and are sensitive to the service user’s ethnic, sexual orientation, cultural and religious backgrounds. Get a Quote Now!!




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